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Fulbourn Primary School Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (PTfA)


About Us

We are a group of parents who support the school by organising social events and passing all funds raised to the school for the direct benefit of the children. In the past our funds have paid for a range of resources including books, musical instruments, computers and garden equipment.

This year of 2017/18 we are focussing on raising funds to help with the purchase of outdoor play equipment as our school grows, and to fund a range of enrichment activities for the children as agreed with the school.


The PTfA Committee and being a member

As a committee we have several leading positions including Chair and Treasurer. These roles steer the co-ordination of PTfA events and link closely on a regular basis with the Head teachers and the Men in Schools group. We are looking for more helpers and new ideas to bring to the PTfA. All talents are welcome and there are opportunities to help as little or as much as you can.

This year we welcome Ms Richman as the school’s PTfA liaison teacher, Katie Morrish, mum of William (Y6), Genevieve (Y4) and Freddie (Y3) as Chair and Joy Eldridge, mum of Angus and Ellie (Y6) continues as Treasurer.

The PTfA meets regularly at The Six Bells to plan activities such as discos, quizzes and social gatherings, and as well as take part in the running of events. It is a great way to get involved in school life, meet other parents, have some fun and support our children through fundraising!


If you'd like to find out more:

Please get in touch with Katie or Joy, via the PTfA website fulbournprimaryptfa@gmail.com. or leave your name at the school office at any time and they can pass your details on.




Amazon Class Wish Lists


We are pleased to announce that Amazon Wish Lists are now available for each class. 


If you click on the e-mail address for your child's class, the link will take you straight to the Wish List on the Amazon website.


What is an Amazon Wish List?

Each class teacher has set up a list of classroom resources their class needs on Amazon. Items on the list vary from class to class and range in price from 99p up to £50.


Why is the school launching Amazon class lists?

As we are all aware, school budgets are currently very tight and need to cover a wide range of expenses. There are many ways in which parents can help support the school.


In line with our healthy eating policy, the school is encouraging parents not to bring in sweets for their child/ren’s classmates when celebrating birthdays. The Amazon class lists provide an alternative for parents if they wish.


Class lists provide another way for parents and family members who may wish to support their child/ren’s individual class needs. Please feel free to pass this guide on to your family and friends if they would like to purchase items from your child/ren’s class list.


How does it work?

Simply click on the email address of your class teacher below and the link will take you straight to the relevant page on the Amazon website.



  1. Logon to Amazon www.amazon.co.uk

  2. Go to the tab Your Lists

  3. Go to Find a List

  4. Type in the email address of your class teacher:


ARABIAN slangdon-Shreeve@fulbourn.cambs.sch.uk

SAHARA fduva@fulbourn.cambs.sch.uk

ATLANTIC amiller@fulbourn.cambs.sch.uk

BALTIC arichman@fulbourn.cambs.sch.uk

PACIFIC ctranter@fulbourn.cambs.sch.uk

DAINTREE bbeeston@fulbourn.cambs.sch.uk

NILE jfeliciani@fulbourn.cambs.sch.uk

YANGTZE pedwards@fulbourn.cambs.sch.uk

ALASKA lbamber@fulbourn.cambs.sch.uk

LAPLAND acook@fulbourn.cambs.sch.uk

GREENLAND lrhodes@fulbourn.cambs.sch.uk


  1. Select the item/s you wish to purchase, add them to the basket and checkout

  2. Select the school address option for the delivery of items ordered


If you have any queries about how to use the Amazon class lists, or wish to discuss the class lists please drop in and speak to Jan or Jo in the office. Thank you for your ongoing support to Fulbourn Primary School.