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Teaching Staff 2016/2017


ALASKA CLASS (Reception/Y1):

Mrs Claire Tranter

(Teaching Assistant: Mrs Tami Gold)



Miss Kelly Baudains

(Teaching Assistants: Mrs Maria Allen & Mrs Meleena Walsh)

LAPLAND CLASS (Reception/Year 1):

Miss Suzie Langdon-Shreeve

(Teaching Assistant: Mrs Amy Cooper)


MOON CLASS (Year 2):

Ms Sophie Horncastle

(Teaching Assistant: Mrs Julie Lacey)

SUN CLASS (Year 2):

Mrs Pippa Proust

(Teaching Assistants: Mrs Becky Johns and Mrs Heather Taylor)      


DAINTREE CLASS (Years 3 & 4):

Mrs Clair Palmer

(Teaching Assistant: Mrs Tee Gillingham and Mrs Heather Taylor)


NILE CLASS (Years 3 & 4):

Mr Jesse Feliciani


YANGTZE CLASS (Years 3 & 4):

Mrs Anna Jarman and Mrs Alison Richman

(Teaching Assistant: Mrs Debbie Shadbolt)


ATLANTIC CLASS (Years 5 & 6):

Mr Luke Rhodes

(Teaching Assistant: Mrs Susan Runham)


BALTIC CLASS (Years 5 & 6):

Miss Ellie Crowe and Ms Emily Edgeley

(Teaching Assistants: Mrs Sharon Abbott and Mr Ollie Drake)  


PACIFIC CLASS (Years 5 & 6):

Mr Steven McNicholas

(Teaching Assistant: Mrs Nicola Welsh)  




PPA Cover:

Mrs Nichola Grove, Mrs Emer Peyton  


Learning Mentor::

Mrs Louise Distill