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Admissions Form - Reception 2020

This page is for the parents / carers of our new Reception 2020 children. 

You can find some useful links and information below as well as the admissions form. 

We’ve also included some notes to help you with the admissions form. 

If there’s anything not covered below then you are very welcome to contact the team in the office via the office email: and we’ll do our very best to support you. 

Free School Meals 

The Local Authority process applications for Free School Meals. You can find out more information here and there is a link for the online application: 

All children in Reception are entitled to Universal Infant Free School Meals, but if you think you are entitled to Free School Meals, please do apply as that will give you (and the school) more benefits. Please do contact us if you have any questions. 


You can buy school uniform online through Big Fish. We are finalising ordering information with them at the moment and will put a link here when we have it. We will also email parents / carers when the system is ready for you to use. 

Uniform requirements are given in our Behaviour and Discipline Policy (which you can find on the Policies page: 

Presentation and Uniform 

All children are expected to wear school uniform which includes: flat black shoes, a green or white polo shirt, grey or black trousers or skirt (not jeans) and a purple sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan. Children should appear neat and tidy with long hair tied back. Clothing should be appropriate and safe for learning and play. The children are also expected to wear appropriate clothes for Physical Education which includes: trainers, a school/ plain white or green t-shirt, black shorts and black jogging bottoms. Jewelry is generally not permitted in school, students with pierced ears can wear simple studs and must remove them during Physical Education. 

Children that are in receipt of pupil premium will receive one set of these items free of charge. 


Cool Milk provide fresh milk for children in school. Please click here to register. 

Admission Form 

The admissions form can be accessed via this link: 

You will need personal information about the child. You will need to upload a scan / photo of the child’s birth certificate, so you might like to get that ready first. We will also ask you for details of the child’s doctor’s surgery. 

We use a system called Kobo Toolbox to collect this information. 

It should work in most browsers, but we are aware that it might not work in Edge. So if you are having trouble opening the form, please do try a different browser first. 

You don’t have to complete it all in one go, there is a save button at the bottom of the screen. Please note that if you save the record you’ll have to come back to it on the same browser (you can’t then find it on a different computer). 

Once you have saved and you come back, you might get asked if you want to load the previous record:

The arrows let you collapse  or expand  a section. 

In some cases you’ll be able to add more than one set of information (for example parental contact) and you can click on the plus sign to add another one in. 

When you press submit you might get a message telling you that your record has been queued for submission. You should then get notification in the top of your screen that it has been submitted successfully. If your screen just goes blank, please don’t worry, chances are it has submitted successfully, you can email us if you are in any doubt. 


The box in the top left will show if you have any submissions (which may happen if you were interrupted while submitting or if you saved a draft). 

If you do have 1 then when you click you can choose to load it.


Dates should be chosen from the little calendar icon or you can type them in, please follow the date format shown (yyyy-mm-dd). 


If you have any questions whatsoever then please don’t worry, just send us an email. 

If there is any information we don’t ask for that you would like to provide then again, please just email us.