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At Fulbourn Primary School we believe that you should be able to talk with someone about anything, even if it feels awful or insignificant. We aim to promote positive wellbeing and prevent problems by providing a healthy, supportive and compassionate school and classroom climate. We believe our school ethos builds a sense of cohesiveness, focus and purpose, the acceptance of emotion and vulnerability, warm relationships and the celebration of difference.


This part of our website aims to help parents and colleagues support their own mental and physical health, and that of their children by making you aware of avenues of support and to access advice about how to recognise and support a child who may have emotional wellbeing and mental health difficulties. Anyone one of us may occasionally need support and at Fulbourn Primary School, we take the view that and we all have a role to play when it comes to ensuring positive mental health and well being.


We want you to know that you can talk to any member of staff about any difficulties you or your child may be experiencing and whilst we cannot guarantee that we will have answers to your questions, we are here to listen and direct you towards the help that you need.


We are committed to training all staff to recognise the signs and triggers to look out for regarding emotional difficulties or mental health problems. We have a dedicated Well-being team, who include trained adult and youth mental health first aiders, who aim to promote positive well-being amongst staff, children and parents alike. You should not hesitate to reach out to anyone of us.


We hope that the links below will help you to access any information or help that you need and we welcome feedback as to how we can improve our provision.


Warm regards,

Nichola Grove