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Friday 18th September 2020

Responding to feedback

We have now successfully kept our school open for two weeks. We are beginning to understand how we can adapt our systems to make them more convenient for families whilst continuing to ensure they are as safe as possible. Please find below the alterations to our systems effective from Monday 21st September:


Changes to Drop Off Times

As you know, we have been working on streamlining entry to school so that we can reduce the window for drop offs. We are making a small change from next week (Monday 21st). School entry times will be as follows:

YR, Y1    08:30

Y2           08:40

Y3, Y4    08:50

Y5, Y6    09:00

Pick up times at the end of the day will remain the same. The extra time in the morning will be spent in the classroom doing silent reading.


One Way System at the Main Gate

We’d like to improve pick up and collection at the main gate to make things safer and more efficient. There are hearts painted on the pavement with 2m spacing from the gate along St Vigor’s Road towards School Lane. When you come to school, please wait on a heart, maintaining distance from other people who are also waiting.


Morning Drop Off

In the morning, once the teacher is on the playground, the gate will be opened and the first child in the queue will be able to come in to the school grounds to join their teacher. Each child will then come through the gates in turn. Parents / carers are asked to continue along St Vigor’s Road past the railings, rather than doubling back through the queue.


Afternoon Pick Up

At pick up time, parents / carers are asked to queue as they do in the morning. The class will be brought towards the gate. As each parent / carer comes to the gate in turn, their child will be brought to the gate to join them. Again, we request that parents / carers and children continue along St Vigor’s Road past the railings. Children who walk home on their own will leave after parents/carers have moved away from the gate.

We would like to ensure that parents / carers are able to socially distance at the gate, whilst also trying to ensure that children can move quickly and efficiently through the gate. We are also aware that children may be tempted to cross the road if parents /carers are waiting on the other side of St Vigor’s Road.

We’ll be starting this from Monday 21st and will have extra staff on the gate in the morning to answer questions and help ensure things run smoothly.


Change of Gate for Pacific and Sherwood

Pacific and Sherwood classes are currently being dropped off and picked up at the cycle gate on St Vigor’s Road. Due to the changes we’re making to introduce a one-way system at the main gate, we are changing these classes to the car park gate.


Car Park

The car park will be closed to traffic between 8:20 and 9:10 each morning and between 3:20 and 4:15 each afternoon. Staff will not be entering or leaving the carpark during this time. Parents and carers are reminded that the car park is for staff use. The exception is disabled access, and anyone requiring access to the disabled parking space will be still be able to access it by ringing the school office on arrival at the main drive.


Meet the Teacher

Here is a reminder of the days and times for the Meet the Teacher Zoom calls:





YR, Y1

Greenland, Lapland, Atlantic

Monday 21st
Wednesday 23rd



Baltic, Mediterranean

Tuesday 22nd
Thursday 24th


Y3, Y4

Adriatic, Caribbean, Pacific

Wednesday 23rd
Thursday 24th


Y5, Y6

Amazon, Daintree, Sherwood

Monday 21st
Tuesday 22nd


The Zoom link will be sent to you the morning of your year group’s calls.


Class Letters

Class teachers have written welcome letters for the start of this Autumn Term. They can all be found under the Letters Home section of the website.




Y3 Y4

Y5 Y6


Seesaw - which activities should my child do?

Well done to everybody who has logged into Seesaw so far. Please note that the majority of activities we post on Seesaw are duplicates of the lessons we are doing in school, so children who have been in school or who are ill do not need to complete them - they are there for families who are self-isolating. If your child wishes to practice something they learned in school we welcome this. Your child's weekly homework will be clearly labelled with the tag ***HOMEWORK***.


Reading Books

Reading books and reading records are not being sent home at the moment. Instead we will be using Big Cat Collins online. Communication will be sent out soon with instructions on how to support your child with reading at home.


LA Absence Parent Information

The Local Authority has produced a one-page quick guide for parents to help you decide when you should and should not send your child to school.

You can find this on the page with the absence reporting form.



IMPORTANT NOTICE FROM THE SCHOOL ADMISSIONS SERVICE for all year 6 students to apply for Secondary school for September 2021.

We will not be sending out the UID letters as we have in previous years.  We would like to remind all year 6 parents that the process to apply for secondary school for next September 2021 is now open and will close on the 31st October 2020.  Parents will receive their offer on the 2nd March 2021.  Any late applications received after the 31st October will be allocated on the 27th April. Applications need to be sent in on time to ensure the best opportunity of obtaining one of your 3 school preferences.

You will need to log into the Citizen Portal to make your application.  Last year the majority of parents chose to make their applications for a school place online.  Parents must apply via their home local authority (where they pay their Council Tax to) for transferring from Primary to Secondary school.

This is the link to the Cambridgeshire online application process:-

If parents do not wish to make their application online, paper application forms are available on request if they call 0345 045 1370. 

If you have any questions about the application or online processes please refer to the booklet on our website “Next Steps - Starting Secondary School; a guide for parents 2021-22'' or contact the Admissions Team.



We are very pleased to congratulate Mrs Marshall, who is expecting her first baby at the end of December! Caribbean Class will be taught from after October half term by Miss Edwards King, who knows the school very well and who will be teaching the class for a few days over the next few weeks to get to know the children.