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Friday 19th June 2020

My Lockdown Experience: Mrs Thorpe – Headteacher

By this time of the school year, I had hoped to be working my last few weeks at Fulbourn Primary, surrounded by the colleagues, children, families and community members who have been part of my life for the past 21 years. Fulbourn has been a huge part of my life; I've just worked out I've spent about 40% of my entire life working here! On 8th August I should have been starting my world travels, before returning in January 2021 and starting a new career. Instead, since lockdown, it has been the most full-on time of my entire working career, with masses of fire-fighting and responding to swiftly changing circumstances. There has been very little contact with the children at school and at home, which has taken away one of the central joys of my role. There has been little time in my life for anything other than work, and I have desperately missed seeing my family, including my elderly dad and my two grown-up children, who live in London and Cardiff respectively. That said, we have all learned to interact in new ways. Teaching my dad to use Zoom was one of the funniest experiences of lockdown and required both of us to develop patience and understanding. I miss singing, both with the school choir and with the adult choir I belong to. Tonight we will have a go at our first live rehearsal and I'm ridiculously excited. My husband and I hope to be able to start our travels in January 2021. In the interim, I have just secured a teaching post for the Autumn term and I am terribly excited about being back in the classroom for a while. I very much hope that I'll be able to come back to Fulbourn to say a proper goodbye to everyone at some point in the Autumn. It's good to have things to look forward to.

Timetable of Calls

Over the last few weeks we have managed to set up two parallel and systems of schooling; one that allows some children to safely return to school for their learning and one that keeps the learning going at home, connecting children at home with their teachers and with their peers. We want to thank you for your ongoing adaptability, support and suggestions during this journey. We have all had to adapt quickly, and keeping up with the changes to timetables and technologies has been not been an easy task.

On the Home Learning section of the website ( you will find a document that contains timetables for all weekly calls, including video call lessons and other calls such as assemblies and DLGs. We have included a whole-week overview that may be particularly helpful to families with multiple children. We hope that having all information in one place makes it easier for you to support your children with their learning.

Fulbourn Dares to Dream

Thank you so much for your submissions to both our Facebook page ( and so far. We are going to keep both accounts open for another week at least to make sure we get every dream out there. So, please do send in your dreams. We want to know how we can improve learning and living happily together in Fulbourn. One sentence is all it takes to have an impact on the future of the school.

Welcome Back

This week Gemma Nicholls rejoined our team of TAs after a period of maternity leave. From Monday, she will be working in Banana Bubble. Welcome back, Gemma!

And happily, Andrea Medina Sierra, who has been covering Gemma's leave will stay with us until the end of the academic year to increase our capacity to make school as safe as possible.

Health and Happiness Zone

Please take a look at our health and happiness zone ( where children can access activities designed to aid children's physical and mental well-being, for example fitness tips and recipes for healthy eating. There is also an area designed for parents and carers to get help and advice with how to help a child through some common issues. It also has some useful links to promote discussions. We hope that you find this area useful and if you have any other topics you think would be good to add to this area, please contact us.

Cash Payments and Refunds

We are now moving to using My Child At School for all payments rather than accepting cash or cheques through the office. If you aren’t sure of your MCAS login details then please do get in touch with the office ( and we’ll be more than happy to help. If you have a balance on your school dinner money then we would appreciate it if that could be cleared as soon as possible. If you have a credit for school dinners or have paid for a trip that has not happened then we are working on ways of refunding that money to you, do get in touch if you have questions.

COVID19 and Free School Meal Eligibility

If your financial circumstances have been affected by the COVID 19 crisis you could now be entitled to Benefit Related Free School Meals. The Covid19 crisis has also highlighted the difference between Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM) and Benefit Related Free School Meals (FSM). The government can only offer help to those who are in receipt of Benefit Related Free School Meals so we encourage applications from all year groups. To find out if you are eligible please fill out our simple online application form at where you will receive an instant response as to your eligibility status. If you are eligible for FSM your child’s school will be informed within 3 days.

Silly Squad

This summer, earlier than usual children, can join the ‘Silly Squad’ team of animal friends who love to go on adventures, reading books along the way. There will be book recommendations, quizzes, videos and games on the Reading Agency’s website—children can join up and take part at home!  In school we will talk to them about what they're reading and encourage them along the way!

Adult Education

Cambridgeshire Skills are running courses that are free to everyone over the age of 19 years, and although online they all come with full tutor support.

Visit or contact the admissions team on 01353 613013 or for more information.

Student Work

Don’t forget to look at our Showcase of Children’s work to see some of the wonderful things our children have been creating. Congratulations to all of you working very hard at home and in school.