Fulbourn Primary School

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Friday 25th September 2020

It’s getting chilly so bring in your thermals!

As part of our Covid response and in line with Government guidance, we are keeping the school as well-ventilated as possible. Whilst this has been lovely when the weather has been warmer, we are aware that the weather is beginning to turn. With this in mind, please ensure your child has suitable clothing at school so that they can stay warm in a classroom with open doors and windows. We would suggest that they wear a vest and, if they are particularly sensitive to the cold, thermals.  We will be allowing children to wear additional layers in class but coats do inhibit writing so if they have body warmers that would be ideal. We have purchased some small fleece blankets for any children that seem to be struggling but your help with this would be much appreciated.


Given all of the negativity in the world right now we thought you might also enjoy seeing what the children have been up to this week:


Thank you for all of your help and support.

Claire Pickard & Beci McCaughran


Changes of Direction of the One-Way System on St Vigor’s Road

Thank you to those who have given us feedback about drop off and pick up. We are aware that there is an issue with the queue from the main gate going along St Vigor’s Road and round the corner onto School Lane as it blocks the pavement (and there isn’t a pavement on the other side of the road). So from Monday 28th we will be changing the direction of the one-way system. The gate itself will stay the same, the timings will stay the same, the process will stay the same. The only change is that we will ask you to line up from the gate along St Vigor’s Road away from School Lane. There will be hearts on the pavement and one-way signs to help.


We are aware that by moving more classes to the carpark gates we have reduced the roadside risk to children but that social distancing in the carpark is now more challenging. We would like to remind parents that children should only be brought to school or collected by one adult and that you should aim to arrive as close to the set time as possible. We are considering opening up a wider space for parents that are dropping off by the office gate and are hoping to trial this from the week of the 5th October.


Car Park

Please remember that the car park is for staff (and disabled access) only and is closed between 08:20-09:10 each morning and 15:10-16:10 each afternoon.


Drop Off and Pick Up Times

Thank you for your patience and your support at drop off. As there is only 10 minutes between classes, we would ask you not to arrive too early to your gate as there is then a greater risk of mixing with the previous class. Gates won’t be opened until the teacher is on the playground ready to welcome the children.


Request for Volunteers

We’d like to say a very big thank you to the parents who have volunteered to help at school throughout September. If you are interested in volunteering and have not yet been in touch, then please do email the office.


Any volunteers that are able to support the school full-time will be allocated to a particular class bubble and will give the school capacity should support staff be ill for non-Covid related reasons. As a result, if you volunteer at this time it could mean that you prevent the requirement to close classes and prevent further learning disruption.


We realise that this is a huge request but if you believe there is any possibility that you could support the school in this way and/or would like to discuss it further, please get in touch.


Guidance from Test and Trace


Here ( is a letter from Test and Trace for parents and carers with more information.


Census Lunch

Thursday the 1st of October is the school Autumn Term census day. Lunchtime UK are providing a special lunch for us on that day. We strongly encourage all Key Stage 1 (Reception, Year 1, Year 2) children to have lunch on that day – there is no cost for you. It would also be lovely for our Key Stage 2 children to have the school lunch – the price is £2.40.

The menu is below.



If you have not already done so, please complete the medical information form.

Children who are new to Fulbourn Primary this year do not need to complete it as this information was already collected in the admissions form.

Even if your child’s medical information hasn’t changed, we would appreciate it if you could complete the form so that we can be sure the information we have on record is complete and accurate.


Healthy Snacks

We are restarting deliveries of fruit and vegetable snacks from next week for Key Stage 1 children (Greenland, Lapland, Atlantic, Baltic, Mediterranean). We would like to remind parents that the children can bring in healthy snacks but that they must not contain nuts or citrus. This means that you will need to check any snack bars to ensure that there are not any nuts in the ingredients list. We are happy for children to bring in more substantial healthy snacks if you believe this will help the children concentrate but cakes and other sweets will not be able to be eaten in school.


Big Cat Online Books

We were hoping to send you individual login details for the new Big Cat eBooks portal this week. However, Big Cat are having some serious teething problems with their website and therefore we are not quite ready to do so as yet.

In the meantime, you can access a free selection of Big Cat Books through this link:

Go to Collins Connect and click on the Teacher portal and enter:


Password:           Parents20!

and click Login.


Teachers of children who are reading books at these levels will be assigning books to the children to read at home. For the moment, this will be by name and colour band. When the new eBooks platform is ready, we will be able to assign books to individual children online.

Thank you for your patience whilst we help Big Cat to get their new portal launched successfully.

Any questions regarding this can be sent to Mr Beeston ( who is Reading lead from September 2020.


Fulbourn Youth Club

Currently FA4Y are working hard behind the scenes trying to establish safe standards under which they can open Youth Club again. They have created a survey to gauge interest, to help with their planning. The survey can be accessed here, Please contact Sarah Tennant ( if you have questions.