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Friday 3rd July 2020

My Lockdown Experience: Mrs Ben-Hafsia – Midday Supervisor

Lockdown has been a time of testing my positivity! I would like to think I have a fair amount if it!
I have 2 Autistic teenagers who at times, especially in the early stages, found life extremely challenging. However, through all the challenges of change they have learnt many new skills. I am so very proud of them both. On reflection I feel my school community has helped just by chatting and listening to each other. I have found it wonderful learning and discovering so much more about my fellow colleagues. Under normal circumstances we go about our day to day life doing what we do. I am thankful that this has been an opportunity to understand each other more. I hope this time had brought everyone closer together. What a great team.

An Unusual Request

As you will all know we are in the throes of planning for a full school return in September. We are incredibly excited by the prospect of having all of the children back in school and are working tirelessly to ensure that this is done in a safe way that also focuses on supporting the children to get them back on track with learning. Our model for return will be based on class bubbles and class information will be sent out next week. We will aim for each class to act as a separate entity whilst also ensuring equality of provision between classes in each phase.
In order to run this model effectively we would ideally like to have volunteers that can help us to minimise disruption should there be any staff changes. We are therefore wondering if any of you would be available to volunteer full-time (school hours only) in school for September. We are ideally looking for eleven full-time volunteers to support the school for one month. We recognise that this is a huge request but we are very keen to ensure that there is the best chance for children in our community to attend school full-time without disruption and that they do not have to return to home-schooling unless completely necessary.
We would love to have you in school if you: 
•    care passionately that children should return to school and are available for September;
•    enjoy reading with children and are good at raising their self-esteem;
•    have good basic skills.
Feel free to call the school and ask to talk to the Headteachers if this is something that you think you would be able to do.

Claire Pickard, Headteacher, Fulbourn Primary School

Numbots – End of Subscription

Over the last few months, some of the children have been taking advantage of the free access to Numbots, which is a sister site to Times Table Rock Stars. This was a free trial and it has now expired. We have decided not to continue with the subscription at this time. Numbots states that family accounts will be available soon should you wish to purchase one. We will review this decision in September as part of our consideration of curriculum provision. 
Our subscription for Times Table Rock Stars is very much continuing and in Week 13 we are having a whole school push on this which ideally would be sustained over the Summer. If you don't have login details for your child, please email:

Fulbourn PTfA Amazing Animal Trail!

4th- 5th July 2020 - 10am - 4pm
Please see map and list of addresses taking part in the Amazing Animal Trail this weekend. 
This should be a wonderful opportunity to wander around our beautiful village whilst seeing a variety of animals such as butterflies, lions, bears, penguins and even a Lorax.....
The weather is looking to be ok at the moment but as we all know, the Great British weather can be unpredictable so please do bear that in mind when heading out to displays. It is also important to respect social distancing guidelines to help ensure the safety of those visiting displays.
A couple of disclaimers: firstly, the map did not extend out as far as Barnsfield (just off Balsham Road) so I have added a circle manually onto the map which is roughly in the correct location; secondly, there are 4 separate addresses on The Swifts with displays but only 3 circles are visible as they are very close together.
A big thank you to Neil Parris for putting the map together and to Paula Appleton for helping to develop the plans for this event.

Health and Happiness Zone

Please take a look at our health and happiness zone ( where children can access activities designed to aid children's physical and mental well-being, for example fitness tips and recipes for healthy eating. There is also an area designed for parents and carers to get help and advice with how to help a child through some common issues. It also has some useful links to promote discussions. We hope that you find this area useful and if you have any other topics you think would be good to add to this area, please contact us.

Cash Payments and Refunds

If you have paid online for a school trip that did not go ahead (Year 3 Mini Olympics, The Big Sing, South Angle Farm), then we are in the process of arranging refunds. Please get in touch with us ( if you have any questions.

COVID19 and Free School Meal Eligibility

If your financial circumstances have been affected by the COVID 19 crisis you could now be entitled to Benefit Related Free School Meals. The Covid19 crisis has also highlighted the difference between Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM) and Benefit Related Free School Meals (FSM). The government can only offer help to those who are in receipt of Benefit Related Free School Meals so we encourage applications from all year groups. To find out if you are eligible please fill out our simple online application form at where you will receive an instant response as to your eligibility status. If you are eligible for FSM your child’s school will be informed within 3 days.

Cambridgeshire Police Newsletter

Please see the links below to the KS1 and KS2 newsletters from the Cambridgeshire Police.

Water Saving Poster Competition

See the details below of the Cambridge Water poster competition.

Silly Squad Reading Challenge

Parents/carers can go to:, for all the information they need about how their child can take part in the challenge and how the website works.

Student Work

Don’t forget to look at our Showcase of Children’s work to see some of the wonderful things our children have been creating. Congratulations to all of you working very hard at home and in school.