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A warm welcome from the Governing Body of Fulbourn Primary School

For those not familiar with our role in school, we have provided a brief introduction below.

You may also find out more about the governing body by clicking on the links.


The governing body has three key roles:


 1) To provide a strategic view of where the school is heading

Governors play a key role in a regular cycle of self-evaluation, examining all aspects of school life, and developing plans (SDPs or School Development plans) to decide on actions to address areas for school improvement. Self-evaluation activities include governor visits, parent questionnaires, lesson observations, conducting ‘learning walks’ (walking around the school with a particular focus, e.g. the quality of maths displays or the way pupils treat one another) and structured discussion with groups of pupils. Development plans are also informed by the views of external bodies, such as Ofsted and Local Authority Inspectors. Progress towards meeting the priorities identified in the plans is discussed at Governing Body and Committee meetings and new priorities are identified. 


2) To act as a critical friend to the school

Members of the governing body are asked to act as a ‘critical friend’ to the Head teacher and senior staff.  This means that while they are there to support the Head and senior team, they also need to be willing to ask questions and challenge their plans for the school.  If a new school policy is under discussion, or we are looking at how to spend the school’s budget, for example, governors will ask questions to make sure they fully understand what is being proposed, and to ensure that it is in the pupils’ best interests.  If the governors just nodded their heads to everything that the Head and senior team presented to them, then they wouldn’t be doing their job properly!


3) To hold the school to account for the educational standards it achieves and the quality of education it provides

The governing body looks closely at the standards achieved by pupils at the end of the Early Years foundation Stage (EYFS or reception year), the end of Key Stage 1 (Year 2 or ‘infants’) and the end of Key Stage 2 (Year 6 or ‘junior’), as well as at progress of pupils in the years between. However, the governing body is not only interested in the educational standards achieved across the school; we place significant emphasis on how we achieve them. The school’s core values of achievement, happiness and respect lead us to discuss the extent to which pupils enjoy learning, are happy at school, feel safe, have positive relationships with school staff etc.

Governor Organisation January 2019

Governor Roles

Updated 25th January 2019


Chair Joy Eldridge

Vice-Chair Toby Cave

Clerk Jan Purath


Premises & Resources Committee

Liz Blackmore (Chair)

Kate Harvey

Toby Cave

David Boyd

Liz Young

Joy Eldridge

Fiona Thorpe/Claire Pickard

Jo Kindred (co-opted)

Chris Swaysland (co-opted)


Teaching and Learning Committee

Matthew Faupel (Chair)

Nichola Grove

Jenny Pillinger

Ellie Crowe/Emily Edgeley

Vacancy x2 (new governors)

Elsa Lee (co-opted)





Link Governors

SEN & Pupil Premium Liz Young (interim)

Safeguarding Liz Young

EYFS / Reception Liz Young

Years – 1/2 David Boyd

Years – 3/4 Laura Davies

Years – 5/6 Jenny Pillinger


Academic Data Matthew Faupel

PTfA & Parish Joy Eldridge & Liz Young

Policies Maintenance: Matthew Faupel

Health & Safety: Toby Cave & Chris Swaysland

Mental Health

& Well-Being: Nichola Grove







HT Performance Management & Pay Appeal Committee

Joy Eldridge

David Boyd

Matthew Faupel

(Toby Cave)


Pay Committee

Toby Cave

Liz Blackmore

Kate Harvey

Pupil Discipline


Ad hoc


Complaints Committee & Staff Grievance Committee

Ad hoc

Staff dismissal appeal Committee

Ad hoc




Parent Governors

Liz Young

Jenny Pillinger



Co-Opted Governors

Elizabeth Blackmore

Toby Cave

Matthew Faupel

Kate Harvey

Joy Eldridge

Laura Davies

Staff Governors

Fiona Thorpe / Claire Pickard

Nichola Grove

Ellie Crowe


Local Authority Governor

David Boyd


Associate Members

Emily Edgeley (Full Governors)

Jo Kindred (Resources)





Register of Pecuniary Interests (2018/19)



MINUTES FROM PREVIOUS MEETINGS 2018-19 (Full Governing Body)



Would you like to join the Governing Body?

Fulbourn Primary School  is always interested in hearing from parents and other members of the community who are interested in joining our Governing Body.


The governing body is responsible for ensuring that the school provides the best

possible education for its children. It sets the vision for the school, ensures it makes

the best use of its resources and holds the head teachers to account for their



As a governor, you will gain insight into the education system and a set of key skills

which can be re-invested back into your career


It’s an opportunity to give back to the community!


If you want to be part of an enthusiastic and dynamic team helping to drive school

improvement and can spare around 10 hours per term we’d love to hear from you.

Contact Joy, Fiona or Claire if you are interested and would like to know more.


Joy Eldridge


Fiona Thorpe & Claire Pickard - call 01223 712525 or drop in to the school office