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Support and Help When You're Worried


A safeguarding concern is when a child or young person is living in circumstances where there is a risk of physical, sexual, emotional abuse or neglect. If you think a child or young person is at risk, you can talk to one of our designated safeguarding leads via the school office at or on 01223 712525.

You can find more about our approach to safeguarding here:

You can also talk directly to social care by calling: 0345 045 5203




Early Help Offer


To support and advise you at times when you may need some extra help, we have an Early Help Offer. This aims to help parents and colleagues support their own mental and physical health, and make you aware of avenues of support and how to access advice about recognising and supporting a child who may have emotional wellbeing and mental health difficulties. Anyone of us may occasionally need support and at Fulbourn Primary School, we take the view that we all have a role to play when it comes to ensuring positive mental health and wellbeing. 


What support do we offer?

We want you to know that you can talk to any member of staff about any difficulties you may be experiencing. We have a dedicated Pastoral Support Team: Nichola Grove, Kerry Middleditch and Alison Monk, and you should not hesitate to reach out to any one of us about anything, even if it feels awful or insignificant. We can offer advice on a range of concerns or can signpost you to other sources of information, help and support.  You can email us directly at


What sort of concerns might parents/carers share with us?

A wide range of issues such as social, emotional, and mental health issues, concerns around special educational needs, support with your child's behaviour, friendship issues or bullying, issues regarding learning, financial worries and debts, domestic abuse, housing concerns, mobility difficulties, parents in prison, bereavement and loss, cyber bullying - in fact, anything at all that you might be worried about.


What support might you or your child access?

Our Pastoral Support Team will triage your concern and offer advice as to how best we can support you. We have various interventions which target therapeutic activities at children who display social, emotional, and behavioural issues and may have experienced trauma in their lives, for example, nurture groups, forest school, sensory circuits, and academic interventions to support with learning, learning identity, and self-esteem. Our Family Worker, Alison Monk, can offer advice and support about behaviour at home. We can offer advice to you and your child about keeping safe online and offer parent information sessions, both pastoral and academic. Alternatively, we can help you to access the support needed for you or your child by agreeing with you that we will refer you to external support services, for example: The Local Authority Early Help Team, Children and Young People's Services, counselling and mental health services, school nurse, community dentist, Citizen's Advice Bureau, Speach and Language Therapist, Educational Psychologist, General Practitioner, Educational Welfare Officer or Young Carers. 


Information you can access now

The links below will give you some information about how to help your child or yourself in relation to common issues:  

The ChildLine Toolbox is a place where a child can express themselves and play games to take their mind off things, there is advice from videos and ways to handle emotions.  

The Childline Calm Zone suggest lots of ways to help you feel calmer, like breathing exercises, yoga videos, play games, ways to cope videos and more. 


Please contact the Pastoral Team at any time and we will endeavour to respond quickly and arrange a time to discuss your concerns.