Fulbourn Primary School

Dare to Discover

Outdoor Learning

The outdoors is the theatre of childhood – a place where young minds and hearts are liberated.  Our children learn and grow through exploration, teamwork, resilience and enjoyment.  We firmly believe that the national curriculum can be taught as well outdoors as indoors, and we make extensive use of it in our learning.  We are indeed blessed with beautiful grounds.  Our many outdoor areas are varied and carefully designed to promote investigation, friendship, courage and creativity, for example through the provision of materials for role play.  It is especially important that our learners develop a love and appreciation of nature.  Children are always excited to observe seasonal changes in our plants and trees.  Our natural areas enable them to get stuck in and explore and investigate living creatures and their habitats.  In short, we use our outdoor spaces to enliven learning, to get hands-on and to become active and free!