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Pupil Premium

Is your child eligible for Pupil premium funding? If so, your child could benefit from the following:


  • Free school lunch every day
  • Free milk and fruit everyday
  • One free homework kit (geometry set or pencil case with colouring pencils etc.)
  • One free PE kit (t shirt, shorts & PE bag)
  • Two free uniform polo shirts
  • Two free uniform sweatshirts/cardigans
  • One free book bag
  • £10.00 towards one class day trip


We would like to encourage as many parents as possible to apply by completing the registration form on this link:


For each child registered for free school meals (and therefore Pupil Premium funding), the government gives the school an extra £1300 per annum. The process is very quick and simple; you only need to complete this form once and it will last for the duration of your child’s time at Fulbourn Primary School. Please note that if your child is registered for free school meals, they do not have to take the free lunch provided. If you prefer to provide your child with a packed lunch from home, you are fully entitled to do so, but we would still request that they are registered so that they can benefit from the funding.


Frequently Asked Questions about Pupil Premium Funding:

What is Pupil Premium funding?

In 2011-12 the Government launched its pupil premium funding. This money is sent to schools by Central Government based on the numbers of pupils in the school who are eligible for Free School Meals (FSM). From 2012-13, it was expanded to include all children who have been eligible for FSM within the last 6 years. In addition, children whose parents work in the Forces or children who are ‘Looked After Children’ receive a grant. Currently the pupil premium is worth £1300 per pupil to the school.


How is Pupil Premium spending monitored?

This money is allocated by the school to initiatives specifically designed to ensure eligible children reach their full potential, both academically and socially. Each school may decide how best to use the funding and they are held accountable for how it has been used to support pupils from low income families. We believe the provision for students in receipt of Pupil Premium needs to be strategically led and carefully managed at an operational level. This provision is currently led by our Pupil Premium Coordinator – Emily Bartram. Provision for pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium will be offered based on identified group and individual needs, with pupils accessing as many of the provisions and interventions as they individually require.


Will my child be identifiable as a ‘Pupil Premium’ child?

Often parents are concerned that there is a stigma attached to being seen as a ‘low income’ family. At Fulbourn Primary School, all matters regarding free school meals and pupil premium are treated confidentially. The key purpose of our Pupil Premium funding is to enable all the pupils to reach their full potential. We work with our families and colleagues to make sure everyone involved with the child has high aspirations. We recognise that barriers to achievement take a variety of forms and will do whatever it takes to support a child, both in and out of the classroom. In order to achieve this we offer our children a wide range of opportunities, we always make sure these are accessible for everyone.

Please read the information below which gives details of our Pupil Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.

Applying for Free School Meals

The Cambridgeshire County Council has redesigned their online form for families wishing to check their free school meal (FSM) and Pupil Premium eligibility.  Significant improvements made to the online application process enable parents/carers (in most cases) to get an instant result of the outcome of their application.


It is not necessary for parents of children who currently receive FSM to reapply; this entitlement is protected until the end of March 2022. However, applications do need to be made for younger siblings who are starting school. 



The form is quick and simple to complete. Once an application has been submitted for a child, if the family do not qualify at that point, we will continue to check for future entitlement throughout that child’s school life, informing parents if they become eligible.  It is vital, therefore, that schools/families inform us of any changes to their name or address. 


Families can access the online application at The Education Welfare Benefits Team are happy to answer any queries and can be contacted on 01223 703200 or