Fulbourn Primary School

Dare to Discover


Science has a unique power to excite our curiosity and to inspire passion about the natural world.  We teach our children to ask questions, debate and hypothesise as they explore reality.  Our science lessons foster the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to investigate the world around them and to build a critical understanding of it.  We have designed our science curriculum to:

  • Give children the confidence to explain natural phenomena and to practise scientific methods, always considering how we can prove our knowledge, and justify our theories.
  • Ignite wonder and encourage independent enquiry alongside the learning of concepts, so that every child feels that they own their learning and believes science is for them. 
  • Build an appreciation that science is an ongoing project, carried out on behalf of all humanity by learning about a diverse selection of scientists from the past and how their ideas and their work changed people’s understanding of the world.