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Video Call Lesson Timetables

See the document above for the times of your first calls with your teacher in Microsoft Teams. The aim of these calls will be to help you get set up with Teams and Seesaw. We anticipate that much of this call will be spend helping you with any potential technical problems. Please try logging into teams beforehand so that we have time to solve potential issues before the call.

These times are the same as your second call of the normal weekly timetable.
See the document above for the weekly timetables for video lesson calls. This timetable will begin on Tuesday 2nd of June.

As these calls are learning-focused, please bring any resources that might help you to the call (pencil, paper, etc.) and be ready, logged into Teams shortly before the timeslot.

We do not require that an adult is present with the child for the duration of these calls. There will be two members of school staff attending each video call lesson.