Fulbourn Primary School

Dare to Discover


Writing is the child’s voice on paper.  To develop each child as writer, we help to find that voice, to take risks and to experiment with the written word.  We develop the habits of reflectiveness and rigour by studying the concepts, patterns and irregularities that make the English language uniquely rich and fascinating.  We make spelling a fun, social activity that deepens this understanding.  We build a broad repertoire that reflects the ways in which our society uses writing to communicate.  And we nurture fluent, elegant handwriting that, in time, flourishes with the marks of an individual hand.

Our main vehicle for teaching writing is ‘Talk For Writing’, whereby children first discover then imitate new forms with the help of an example text.  Once ready, they go on to attempt their own piece of work.  Teaching this effectively means placing the child centre stage, using drama, recital and discussion to develop understanding.  A personal written record of new features and tools accompanies each child throughout school.  We aim to write in all of our curriculum, with one extended piece of work per week in English and a second in another subject.

English is truly a diverse language, stemming as it does from Latin, Germanic and Norse tongues.  It offers an extraordinary wealth of vocabulary to explore.  Words and ideas are of the same cloth, and the human brain has developed its miraculous complexity through the use of words.  Vocabulary is therefore a cornerstone of our teaching and learning – and we aim to have fun with it.