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Aims and Values

Four core values underpin our decisions and actions. These are: courage, curiosity, compassion and creativity. They are incorporated into our school aims below.

Aims of the school

We believe that:

  • Children who have courage and self-belief are most likely to achieve their aspirations;
  • Children who are curious about learning will question the world around them and always challenge themselves and others;
  • Children who have compassion will be, and teach others to be, better human beings;
  • Children who are creative will be able to solve the problems of the future.

To enable children to achieve these qualities school staff must:

  • Nurture children as individuals and help them recognise what they have to offer as members of society;
  • Motivate and inspire children to achieve the highest standards in basic skills;
  • Ensure children have the opportunity to achieve in all areas of learning and excel in those in which they have a passion or talent;
  • Provide children with memorable learning experiences.

Children will feel:

  • That they have something to offer that is valued;
  • Excited about the learning that is about to take place;
  • Enthralled by the learning taking place;
  • Loaded with further questions that they want to explore;
  • Motivated to talk about their learning outside of the classroom.

Classrooms throughout the school will be:

  • Focused;
  • Promoting independent learning;
  • Dynamic;
  • Active;
  • Balanced in their use of play, outdoor adventure, first hand learning, exploration and clerical activity.