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Key vocabulary







Myself and my relationships 









special, different, same, similar, likes, dislikes, belonging, feelings, goal, achievement 

safe, unsafe, happy, upset, frightened, angry, worried, welcome, fair, unfair, rules, sharing, taking turns, polite, look, listen, follow instructions 

family, step-parent, step-sibling, adopted, separated, divorce 

behaviour, kind, friendly, fall out, argument, apologise 

respect, truthful, trustworthy, loyal, kind, generous, share, lonely, fall out, argue, difference, unique, polite, manners, online, pretend, bully, apologise, permission, tease, divorce, foster parent, grandparent, married/not married, partner 

Anger, fear, happiness, sadness, grief, nervous, excited 


ignore, empathy, rude unacceptable, bully, choice, compromise, unacceptable, apologise, healthy, proud, network unique, physical/mental wellbeing, resolve, boundaries, respect, bystander, assertive 

permission, tease, divorce, foster parent, grandparent, married/not married, partner 

Anger, fear, happiness, sadness, grief, nervous, excited 


Conflict, change, emotion, loss, grief, bereavement, mood, feeling, mind, strategies, responsibility, wellbeing, resilient, identity, emotion, mental health, trust, loyalty, empathise, compromise, consent, prejudice 


penis, testicles, vulva, breasts, private parts, growing, baby, grown up, grown out of, trust, care 

Healthy / unhealthy, gender, relationship, penis, vulva, testicles, breasts, mammal, baby, toddler, teenager, adult 


Hygiene, cleanliness, puberty, maturity, penis, vulva, vagina, breasts, testicles, foreskin, circumcision, body odour, uncomfortable,  


Puberty, emotional, physical, behavioural, changes, attitudes, values, gender, stereotyping, age, religion, culture, values, relationships, friendships, differences, love, reproduction, human life cycle, reproductive organs, conception, pregnancy, womb, uterus, egg, ovum, menstruation, periods, sanitary towel, tampon, responsibilities, parents, skills, qualities, erection, vulva, vagina, contraception, lifecycle, roles, sex, support, advice. 

Healthy and Safer Lifestyles 

healthy, sleep, exercise, food, fruit, vegetables, vitamins, energy, muscles, bones, choice 

trust, care 

clean, germs, hygiene 

easy, difficult 

Fitness, exercise, active, diet, sugar, fat, protein, vitamins, germs, hygiene, virus, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, sunscreen 




Hazard, medicine, drug, allergy, body odour, alcohol, immunisation,  sunscreen, diet, nutrition, active lifestyle, physical contact, risk, emergency service, network of support, trust, opinion, belief, fact 


Peer influence, trust consequence, anti- social, law, legal, independent, gangs, youths, risk, mental health, responsible, emergency 

E-cigarette, cannabis, nicotine, solvents, smoking, illegal drugs, immunisation,  


rights, rules, responsibilities, environment/neighbourhood, equipment, shopkeeper, doctor, librarian, pharmacist etc 

planet, habitat, recycle 

belonging, religion, worship, nationality, festival, ceremony, country 

Rules, responsibilities, decision, negotiate, stereotype, community 

Persevere, contribute, opinion, stereotype, culture, tradition, diversity, stereotype, responsible, respect, rules, rights, democratic, representative 

Personal information, rights, democracy, parliament, MPs, negotiate, persevere, stereotype, gender, media 

Economic Wellbeing 

Money, spend, save, present, afford 

earn, save, present, pocket money, charity, borrow 

earn, save, budget, borrow, pocket money 

purchase schemes, debt, manageable, unmanageable, reliable, enterprise, salary, risk, influence, careers, poverty