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WC 22nd January

"This week we have been learning about how to look at a website and find out information. We used key information on search engines like DuckDuckGo, Bing and Google. We have also been writing stories, remembering to include parenthesis (using brackets, commas and dashes to add extra information)."

OJ and friends

WC 18th December

"This week we have played netball in PE. You are not allowed to move with the ball and if it rolls out of the pitch by your touch then it's the other team's ball. You have to make sure you are in the right space and pass not too far away - if you pass too far you could get intercepted! We learned about L.S. Lowry and we did some urban lyse paintings using about five colours."

Isobel and Cianna

WC 4th December

"This week we have done our first DT lesson. We made Anderson shelters using templates and corrugated cardboard. When we evaluated ours, I decided it could have been a bit neater but the pieces fitted together well and overall it looked quite good. We also made some final pieces of art based on the work of L.S. Lowry. Lowry was an artist who made paintings in his own style and he used scrap paper and card to work on. I liked that you didn't have to draw realistically and so there isn't lots of pressure to make it perfect and if you mess up it's okay."


WC 20th November

"This week we have been doing our class assembly. In our class assembly we included a giant circuit, a sort of play and information about WWII. I enjoyed making the giant circuit because I just love connecting things up to make stuff work and see how the voltage of the batteries affects how fast the motor spins or how bright the bulb lights up."

Oliver and Alfie

WC 6th November

"This week I learned what a vlog was. I didn't know that before but now I know that it is like a diary except it uses videos and is on the internet. We also did Bikeability. We were learning stuff like Pass-me position when you are near the kerb and you are showing that cars can go around you. You need to go in follow-me position if you are moving into a junction or going through a junction. My favourite part of Bikeability was doing the U-turns because they were really fun. Sometimes I like to cycle but I also like to go on my scooter to school."


WC 11th September 2023:

"We went to the RAF Museum this week. At the museum we learned about the Battle of Britain and saw many aeroplanes and boats as well as many people who contributed to the war effort. We did lots of computing finding the route to the museum and making our own maps. We learned about how computers use algorithms to find good routes.

"This week we started our new maths groups and played with our Reception buddies! We did gymnastics and knot tying in PE. My favourite thing was visiting the museum!"

Theo B

This is Redwood Class flag, designed by Eilidh and Kornelia. The twenty-six dots represent all the children in our class, the ten stars represent the ten classes in our school, the mountain represents the challenges we can overcome and the trees show our class name.

This is our class tribe display board, where our work will be displayed throughout the year!