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Year 1 and 2

Welcome to Lower School!

Our three classes are Lapland, Caribbean and Adriatic.


Lapland is taught by Miss Meyer and Ms Richman.


Caribbean is taught by Mrs Shelton and Mrs Duffett.


Adriatic is taught by Ms Mandra.


Our class TAs are Mrs Mukherjee, Mrs Taylor and Ms Stewart.


Summer Term Topic - Out of This World!

This term the children will be immersed in the exciting world of space travel! The topic will be launched through the ‘Operation Moonbase’ collapsed curriculum day (part of the Skills Builder Careers related learning project) where the children will work together to design a new society on the Moon.

The children will learn about the Moon landing through role play and story-telling activities, and imagine what it might have been like for the team at different points in their adventure! The space role play area will allow children to explore their topic further. They will learn about the role of women in the journey into space and missions to the Moon.

In Geography sessions they will develop their map making skills through developing plan views of very familiar places (the classroom, their bedroom) and use the perspective of a bird’s eye view, or a spider on the ceiling.

Peter Thorpe’s incredible space art will be the inspiration for children to develop their printing and collage skills. They will spend time looking at his pieces and consider how he developed them, the key features (colours, backgrounds, what objects he includes). The children will attempt to contact Peter and ask for his feedback on their final pieces.

Children will discover more about common materials and their properties through practical exploration and investigations – learning to group together materials that have similar properties, and then put their learning to practical use choosing the most appropriate materials for a purpose e.g. choosing the best material for a tent! In DT the children will further develop their understanding of materials and structures by designing pieces of playground equipment. They will explore with loose parts, construction kits and recycled materials - learning different ways to strengthen and stabilise a freestanding structure, and then build a model of their new equipment.

Continuing to enjoy and use the school site through the summer term will be central to learning – for further Forest School sessions, growing their own food (potatoes, fast-growing summer crops) as part of the Eco-Curriculum, making plans of the grounds, having outdoor PE sessions, and extending their learning through play outdoors.