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If there is one set of skills that counts above all others, it must surely be those that are needed to lead a safe, healthy and fulfilling life.  This critical element of our learning is closely linked to our fundamental aims of developing children as individuals and building their self-belief and compassion towards others. 

We aim to develop children’s awareness of their emotions and build sound communication skills so that they may form healthy and respectful relationships. 

Healthy lifestyle choices are explicitly taught including how to eat well, exercise and stay safe online. 

As part of relationships education, we also teach how our bodies grow and change and how our responsibilities change as we grow older.

PSHCE prepares pupils to become tolerant, positive and active citizens who have the confidence to nurture their own well-being.  We use the highly regarded Cambridgeshire scheme to deliver fun lessons with rich opportunities to learn through stories, discussion, objects and images.