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Welcome to the Amazing Amazon Ants

Over the year, we will add quotes and comments from the class to show off their learning. Check back regularly to see what we have been up to!

This is our class tribe display board, where our fantastic work will be on show throughout the year!

Our trip to Norfolk Lakes:

"I really enjoyed going to Norfolk Lakes because the activities were really fun and lots of of them I had never done before. The food was really good!"

"I enjoyed Norfolk Lakes, because every night one of my friends would say 'Silence is funny' and start laughing when we were trying to get to sleep."

"The food at Norfolk Lakes was very tasty and professionally cooked. My favourite thing was the waffle fries - I had a whole plate of them!"

"Two highlights at Norfolk Lakes were when two people knocked on our door and we pretended to kidnap them and put them on a chair in our bathroom and when two of my friends were playing a game that really made us laugh."

"One of my favourite activities was aeroball. It combined two of the things I really enjoy - basketball and trampolining."


Spring Term:

"I enjoyed making the gift bags in DT because it was fun and I learnt a new skill. I gave it to my Dad and he said it was lovely and creative - he uses it for his airpods."

"I enjoyed doing the river quiz and stealing other people's gold. It was so competitive and we learnt different sources of the river."

"I enjoyed forest school because we got to play football for one week and then we did some majestic knee slides and ruined the forest area. Our clothes got ruined but we had fun!"

Autumn Term:

"My favourite learning this year is English because we get to make more of our own stories."

"My favourite thing so far has been shading in art."

"I really liked practicing our class assembly. I think we did really well and had lots of fun telling everyone about WWII."

"I liked doing the egg challenge in the first week. Our class tied cushions around the egg to protect it from breaking and it worked!"