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Art and Design

All children are artists.  They learn above all else through their eyes.  Art and design enables our pupils to unleash their creativity and develop self-expression through a wide variety of media.  It also develops their fine motor and skills and powers of concentration.  Our children experience, explore and become proficient in a variety of forms of art, craft and design.  They use a range of materials and processes, such as painting, sculpture, collage, print making, and digital media to explore artists' unique styles and invent their own work.  They also learn about the history of art and discover a range of artists, art movements and styles.  We encourage them to comment critically and make comparisons as they gain new insights into past epochs.  We model techniques to our children, who then explore and experiment with their responses before producing a final piece.  At each stage, they are encouraged to value and develop a critical response to their own work and that of others.  Access to great works of art is gained by visiting museums and galleries, both virtually and in person.