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Courses and Training Opportunities

The information and activities below may be of interest to our families. However, please note that these are all third party organisations and are not related to any school activities or provision.

School Support Jobs

We have a new course starting in your school's area on 3rd June. We are working with Aspire Education Academy to promote school support courses that are fully funded by the ESFA (Education Skills Funding Agency) in levels 1, 2 & 3.

These courses are designed to make it easy for parents/carers who are looking to gain the necessary qualifications for a school support role, as the classes are run online, within school hours and during term times ONLY. Allowing parents to fit the classes in with school drop offs and collections.

We have funding in your school's area which allows learners to progress through the levels if they wish or are required to, which is all included in the funding from The ESFA. 

Our employment engagement officers work closely with the local job centre and are able to offer a job interview to those who complete the course. 

Further details in the poster below or direct on our website: