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Our geography curriculum focuses on introducing fundamental concepts related to physical and human geography. When learning about physical geography, children explore the Earth's features, such as continents, oceans, mountains, rivers, and climate zones. They learn about the forces that shape the Earth, such as volcanoes and earthquakes, including their local and global impact. In learning about human geography, children learn about people and their communities. Our geography curriculum has a strong focus on developing a sense of place and belonging. In KS1, children explore their local environment and the countries of the United Kingdom. In KS2, children learn about the diverse make-up of the community and how processes such as migration and movement help to shape communities. They also start studying other communities around the world and their human and physical features. A crucial component of our geography curriculum are hands-on activities, case studies and pupil study. These activities aim to develop spatial awareness, map skills, and the ability to interpret geographical information.