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We cannot know our present without knowing our past. 

In History, children hear stories of the past and discover how we know what we know. We build their enquiry skills so that they feel equipped and inspired to discover more.   They learn to ask questions, think critically, weigh evidence, develop perspective and exercise their own judgement.

We teach History largely through termly topics and encourage the children to make cross-curricular connections, for example, by adding to time-lines the artists and scientists they study. Children begin by learning about themselves, their families and the history of their locality. As they grow, they learn to use primary and secondary sources, distinguish between the two, and interpret historical evidence.  A focus both on increasing knowledge and understanding, the process of historical enquiry (and what it means to work in the way historians work) means that children are able to feel confident in their exploration of the past and begin to understand the process of continuity and change and how the past has shaped the present.

Our History Leaders are Miss Harriet Robins and Miss Ellie Crowe