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New to Fulbourn


We know it can be difficult to join a new community and we want you to feel as comfortable as possible so here are just a few of the questions you may need answers to...

...but there really is no such thing as a silly question - we want to make sure you have all the information you need so if you can't find the information you need here, please ask a member of staff at the gate, your child's class teacher or pop into the office and they will be very happy to help!


  • What are Class Assemblies?

Class assemblies are special gatherings where family members are warmly invited to join. During these assemblies, children showcase their learning and achievements from the term through engaging performances and presentations.


  • What trips will my child go on each year?

We're excited to offer a variety of trips during your child's time at school, including walks around the village, explorations of the nearby nature reserve, and a topic related trip planned for each term.


  • What volunteering opportunities are there at school?

There is a wide range of opportunities for family members to volunteer at our school. These include supporting with classroom activities, listening to children read, joining village walks or trips. We love inviting people to come and share their expertise through workshops or presentations on subjects they're passionate about or knowledgeable in.


  • When can my child start a before or after school club?

Clubs run either before or after school, and include indoor and outdoor sports, cooking, music, craft, drama, languages and much more! Thanks to the support of the Wright's Clock Charity in the village, all children are able to sign up for one free club each term, and can choose to attend further clubs at a reduced cost. Children in Years 1-6 can sign up to clubs each term, and children in EYFS can sign up to a selection of clubs from the start of the Spring term each year.


  • How can I find out about what my child is learning?

There are numerous opportunities available for you to stay up to date about what your child is learning at school. From weekly school newsletters, workshops, parent/teacher consultation and half-term topic overviews. These resources ensure families remain closely connected to their child's educational journey and are well-equipped to support their learning experience.


  • What is a MyChildAtSchool account?

The MyChildAtSchool accounts are used for a number of different purposes including: paying for school trips, paying for PTFA events, booking parent evening appointments, booking extra-curricular clubs, purchasing school products and checking your child's attendance record. Details of how to log-in will be shared with parents once their child is on roll.