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Our Enrichment Clubs Offer

Here at Fulbourn Primary School we are proud to offer an extensive programme of extra-curricular clubs throughout the year. Clubs run either before or after school, and include indoor and outdoor sports, cooking, music, craft, drama, languages and much more! Thanks to the support of the Wright's Clock Charity in the village, all children are able to sign up for one free club each term, and can choose to attend further clubs at a reduced cost. Morning clubs run from 8:00 - 8:45 am, and after-school clubs from 3:15 - 4:15 pm (with the exception of Forest School club which runs until 5:00pm).

Children in Years 1-6 can sign up to clubs each term, and children in EYFS can sign up to a selection of clubs from the start of the Spring term each year. Sign up for clubs is advertised in advance, and is based on a first come, first served basis. Families are invited to sign up for their free club first, and then the programme is open about a week later to sign up for any further clubs. Families entitled to the Pupil Premium are offered a second club free of charge.

Club Directory (NB not all clubs run every term)

Gardening - Mr Edwards and a team of keen gardeners tend to the school allotment, grow a range of produce, and find ways to enhance our school site with wonderful plants and flowers!

Choir - The school choir is growing - and now has over 60 members! We have lots of fun with silly warm up activities and songs each week, while also working towards at least one performance each term (usually at Christmas, the Spring Music Concert, and summer events at school and in the village).

Cooking - Cooking Club takes place in our purpose-built cooking room. The children experience preparing and cooking a range of dishes - from cold dishes such as fruit skewers, to fully baked goods and savoury snacks!

Forest School - KidsRUs run an extended Forest School session (until 5:00pm) on the school site - making the most of our Forest School area. Using the firepit, playing in the mud kitchen, creating waterworks (floods, dams and bridges), using ropes and tie knots, building dens, putting up tents, visiting the fairies and wood elves, crafting and enjoying all weathers outside! 

Dodgeball - One of the fastest growing games in the country, dodgeball is the fun team sport in which players on two opposing teams try to throw balls and hit opponents while avoiding being hit themselves! 

Football - Our JS Sports coaches run an EYFS/KS1 football club as well as a KS2 club. Through games and mini-matches the children are supported to develop their football skills, competitive spirit, and general fitness!

Messy Play - Miss Robins runs an EYFS messy play activity club in Sherwood Classroom. The children explore a range of sensory activities including slime, gloop, sand, paint and much more!

Micro:bit Coding Club - with Miss Shakles will involve writing code for a micro:bit, which is a small programmable device.  Micro:bits can be programmed to perform a range of actions, such as displaying icons the children have made, playing a tune, or even interacting with other devices!  It provides children with the chance to explore their creativity and develop their programming skills.  We will carry out a range of fun coding projects involving the micro:bit.

Embroidery - The children develop their needlework skills by working on a project over the term. 

Homework - An opportunity for children to work on their homework challenges in school, supported by a member of the teaching assistant team. Children can practice their weekly spellings, times tables, read, or work on a project from another area of the curriculum.

Science - At Science Club Mrs Nizami and Miss Trevillion will spark the children's innate curiosity for the world around them through hands-on experiments.  Children will learn how to prepare and study samples using a light microscope.  

Art - The beautiful window display in the meeting room was created by Art Club in the Autumn term! The children work on a range of projects that develop their art skills beyond the school curriculum. 

Sign Language - Through engaging activities and stores, the children are introduced to the fundamentals of British Sign Language, including finger spelling, colours, days of the week, animals, emotions and weather as well as practicing communicating with each other through sign.  This club aims not only to enhance children's communications skills, but also to promote inclusivity and awareness of the Deaf community.

Spanish - An introduction to Spanish, through simple games, songs, and activities.

Italian - An introduction to Italian, through simple games, songs, and activities.

Sting Performing Arts - a theatre company delivering the arts to those who like to perform and have fun whilst gaining confidence.

Quidditch - One of the newest sports available, Quidditch allows children to live out the most popular sport in a book.  Bringing the wizarding world to life, Quidditch is a really engaging game where all children are involved in different roles.  The club, run by JS Sports coaches, will introduce the game to the children with matches and games played every week.

Digital Music - Mr Brinsdon, our music specialist teacher, leads a group of children to develop their interest and ability in music technology.  The children explore different types of digital music, from iPads GarageBand, DAW (Digital Audio Workstations) and Sonic Pi coding systems.

Rhythm Club - For the younger children in school, this club, organised by Mr. Brinsdon, lets us explore different rhythms and instruments.  The children sing, play and clap different styles of music and have a great time!

The Great Library Challenge - The children complete puzzles, games and challenges Miss Meyer (our Reading Ambassador) also works with Library Challenge Club to develop and improve our library and reading spaces.

Fun Fit - An opportunity to develop general fitness through games and challenges. A great start to a day of learning!

MultiSports - The multisports club with JS Sports coaches offers children the chance to try their hand at a host of different sports.  Every week is a session based on a different sport, including football, tennis, tag rugby, cricket and much more.  It is a great opportunity for children to be introduced to sports and learn the rules and techniques to play the games.

Gymnastics - The children thoroughly enjoy this opportunity to use their favourite gym apparatus to develop their performance skills further. 

Junk Modelling - Our junk modellers love creating something from nothing! Recycled materials from within school and items brought in from homes are used as the children explore how to combine these using their imagination!

Yoga - Yoga club with Miss Hannah provides a chance for children to develop their strength, balance and flexibility.  Yoga has many benefits for both physical and mental health, and the classes focus on mindfulness and creating a connection between the body and the mind.  

Netball - Suitable for all ages and abilities, netball is a great sport to learn as it helps with lots of the fundamentals of sport, including teamwork, aiming, throwing, catching and many more.  Children work on lots of skills whilst enjoying playing matches and learning the rules of the game.

OPAL - Are you ready for an adventure like no other?  At OPAL club, we believe in the power of Outdoor Play and Learning.  This club, organised by Miss Edwards-King and Miss Robins, is designed to engage children in stimulating outdoor activities in all weathers, promoting play and learning that goes beyond the classroom.  Through OPAL, children learn to assess and manage their own risks, building confidence and independence.   The children will have access to an exciting range of equipment to lead their own play - think den building, dressing up, playing in the mud kitchen, dancing on the playground and much more!

Pickleball with Mrs Grove for our KS2 children - Pickleball is a fun sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis. Played both indoors or outdoors on a badminton-sized court with a slightly modified tennis net. Two or four players use paddles to hit a perforated polymer ball, over a net.  Children will need to wear trainers.