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Physical Education (PE)

Our PE lead is Miss Edwards-King

The goal of our PE curriculum is to promote health, well-being and an active lifestyle amongst our students. Across all year groups, pupils have the opportunity to take part in dance and gymnastics lessons, as well as games (such as football, rugby, netball, hockey and tennis) and outdoor & adventurous activities. This year (23-24), all children in KS2 will benefit from a half-term worth of swimming lessons at Sawston pool and we have introduced quidditch as a new sport for Upper School.

In PE, our children participate in a range of activities which enable them to make progress in their sporting abilities as they move up through school. Not only do we teach them the key skills needed for each sport they take part in, they learn the importance of showing good sportsmanship and teamwork. We also promote the use of self-reflection and evaluation to help improve performance, making the best use of our indoor and outdoor learning environments.