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Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

The progress of all children that attend Fulbourn Primary School is tracked throughout the year. This enables us to identify when children may be falling behind and may require a different or additional type of support to enhance their learning. This may be for a short or extended period of time and could focus on learning, behavioural or social needs.

Children are supported by our large and experienced team of Teaching Assistants (TAs), who run a variety of intervention groups. The TAs liaise closely with Amy Marshall*, the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) and class teachers, to help to provide quality education for all pupils. The Local Authority provides extra funding to employ TAs for children with a Statement of Special Educational Need (known as Education, Health and Care Plans from September 2014) who have been identified as requiring a higher level of support.  We believe strongly in the involvement of children themselves, as well as their parents, in the process of target setting and review of progress. Individual targets are regularly set and reviewed for children with additional learning needs who are identified as requiring SEN Support.

Class teachers monitor the progress of all children and liaise with the SENCo about children who have identified needs. Release time is given to the SENCo to allow her to work closely with all class teachers, TAs, parents and external agencies to deliver the different levels of support needed by individual children. She too monitors the children’s progress and tracks any changing needs.

If your child has additional needs, it is always useful to inform the school and discuss their needs with the SENCo before they start at the school. This enables us to make arrangements so that everything is in place to help your child to have a positive start.

*Amy Marshall is currently on maternity leave and her role is being covered by Rachel Butterworth.

To contact Mrs Butterworth, our SENCo, please call or email the school office who will be happy help - 01223 712525

Further information about the ways in which schools maintained by the Local Authority meet the needs of pupils with Special Educational Needs can be found in the SEN Information Report and the Guide for Parents and Carers below.