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Supporting Computing at Home

There are lots of ways that children's computing learning can be developed and supported at home.

To develop their practical skills, children could use a device such as a laptop, tablet or phone to create documents such as presentations or word documents. Any Outlook email address has access to free online versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Most devices also have free software downloaded (a notes app or WordPad on Microsoft or Pages on Apple products) where they can practise typing. Accessing these programs will help them to develop typing skills and help them to become more familiar with common applications. 

Children could practise their coding skills at home through writing sets of instructions (algorithms) for activities such as making a jam sandwich! To extend this further, they could use online programs such as scratch to animate a short scene, or, if they are more confident, to develop an educational game such as a times table challenge. 

Internet safety

In an increasingly more online world, it is important that children are provided the skills to navigate the online aspects of life safely. These links below provide useful information for supporting children's online experience: