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Useful Links and Ideas to Support History at Home

Here you will find some ideas for how you can support your child at home to consolidate and extend their learning in History.

  • Ask your child what they are currently learning about in History. Can they use any of the key vocabulary listed in the tab above when explaining it to you? Can they put their current learning on a timeline in relation to other things they know about the past? Challenge your child to create a fact-file about a significant period, individual or event they have learnt about.
  • Explore History themed books together. This website has lots of great examples that link to different topics.
  • Visit museums or historic houses/sites.

Useful Links: - Key Stage 1 - Key Stage 2 - This website shows you artefacts from museums across the UK, which could be used as discussion prompts. Asking questions and evaluating evidence will help your child to think like a Historian!